ClubVMSA’s Supplier Summit is a one-day intensive for Talent Suppliers who are ready to “scale their businesses” within a High-Volume Contingent Workforce Model.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: Wed Nov 13, 2019

Your MSP / Client guides on this climb to greatness are:

Collaborate with your MSP Guides from Managed Service Providers (MSP) / Internally Managed Programs (IMP) as they prepare you to support the largest contingent workforce programs in the world. Bring your sales and recruiting leaders to learn and share across programs and MSPs. Manage your time and energy with MSP Supply Base Managers and Program Managers wisely during this one day event.


Karen Maarouf

Workforce Logiq
Katie Macias

Katie Macias


Jody Mohammed

Pontoon Solutions
Lori Montalvo

Lori Montalvo

Workforce Logiq

Keisha Stephens

Workforce Logiq

Who Should Attend

Owners, CEO’s, Presidents, VPs, Directors, Managers and Key Employees across all sales, account management and delivery functions within a staffing or Statement of Work (SOW) firm.

8:30 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome by ClubVMSA

Jeannine Parise and Jim Coughlin

9:15 AM

MSP Leadership Panel

9:45 AM


10:15 AM

10 min One-on-Ones

Roundtables with MSPs + Partners/Sponsors

11:15 AM

10 min One-on-Ones

Roundtables with MSPs + Partners/Sponsors

12:15 PM


1:15 PM

A-Player Partner Panel

2-3 MSPs + Supplier Partners

2:00 PM

MSP Collaboration & Insights (MSP-only)

Topics: How do you run your Supplier Organization? Biggest Challenge + Solutions

Talk to the Pro… How to…

  • Marketing and Sales Tactics that get you on the List Facilitated by Jeannine Parise 
  • SLAs, Metrics and Delivery Facilitated by Jim Coughlin 
  • Talent Acquisition Strategies keep you on the List 
2:30 PM


2:45 PM

10 min One-on-Ones

3:45 PM

Charity Auction: Bid on Lunch with your Favorite MSP

4:15 PM

The Summit Networking Mixer

As a Supplier participant at The Summit, you recieve:


  • Opportunity to schedule 4 private one-on-one 10 minute sessions with MSP Leaders while supplies last
  • Full-day of highly interactive sessions with MSP leaders including networking and breakout sessions
  • Meals including charity reception after “The Summit”
  • Opportunity to receive 25% discount when referred by MSP partner
  • Opportunity to bid on time with an MSP at the Charity Auction later that day
  • Meet almost every major MSP decision maker in the country in just one day
  • Leverage and consolidate your sales efforts
  • Hear first-hand what your MSP channel partner needs from you to succeed
  • Showcase your company’s strengths and wins
  • Learn what other successful suppliers are doing to move up the value chain to trusted partner
Jeannine Parise

Jeannine Parise
(917) 855-1030

Jim Coughlin

Jim Coughlin
(925) 819-0326